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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Bay Area - AGAIN!

Yup, only after two weeks, I ventured back up to the Bay Area again to see family and friends. Only this time, Drew was able to come with me since he had a week off of work. Here are some of the highlights of our trip.

We started off the week by taking my parents up to SF, because (1) we miss our beloved city and (2) they'd never go if we didn't drive. First stop was the Ferry Building off the Embarcadero. The chocolates at Rechuitti were completely irresistible and we had to buy a box. Seriously men, you can never go wrong with fine chocolate.


We lucked out with a clear day in the city and a great view of my all-time favorite bridge. Drew & my dad hanging by the water @ Crissy Fields.


Ok, for those of you whose mouths are watering from seeing these three gigantic bowls of raw oysters, wipe off the drool before it drips down your keyboard. J/K. My dad, Drew, and I drove 6 long hours roundtrip to Hog Island Oyster Company in Pt. Reyes in order to score 100 of these precious Kumamotos and Sweetwaters. Yeah, and it was worth every minute of it.

Since Drew & I really can't get enough of the city, we went back a second time to cruise through our old hood and meet up with some friends. These next few are from the wooded area by The Legion of Honor.




One of the main reasons why we went up to the Bay Area that week was to meet a VIP, my best friend Linda's newborn baby boy, Alexander, aka The Commander. (I think they call him that b/c his dad goes by Captain Wang.)

He is so precious, and needless to say, a very CUTE baby!!!


I love, love, love baby feet!!!!!



Their first family Christmas photo. I think I'll be getting one of these in the mail later.

And just because I can, I'm throwing in a few images of my super studly kitty, Tovi.

Drew's tired of being my model when I play around with lighting at home, so Tovi serves as an excellent replacement - especially when I throw catnip into a box for him!


Hmmm, looks like he may be getting tired of modeling too.


Finally, our family Christmas card photo this year. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Week in the Bay Area

I always love going back up to the Bay Area. The Vietnamese food up there is so much better than what I can get down here, there are trees with fall colors on them, rolling hills all around, but most of all that is where my family and closest friends are.

I didn't whip out my camera too much, but did bring it on a trip to Napa with my family and to my best friend Linda's baby shower. Here are just a few of my fav's from the bunch.

My sister, Michelle, trying to munch on some rock mushrooms outside of Domaine Chandon.

The family, sans moi.

The champagne bottles. Oh, they were sooooo gooooood!!! I'm a bigger fan of champagne now than I ever was before.

Michelle makes such a great model. This is at V. Sattui.


The Culinary Institute in Napa. Looks very academic.

Linda & Allen's Baby Shower.

Our friend Thien made tea sandwiches that were just yummy. And for anyone interested in comics and art, check out Thien & his wife, Lark's sites:

This future heartbreaker is Linda's nephew, Noah. Really, he is just too cute!

No shower would be complete without Name that Poop!

Normally, we just look & sniff, but Allen's a very competitive guy and will do whatever it takes to win.

Here's Thien, rushing to the doctor before his water breaks.


I have never seen so many grown men drinking out of baby bottles. And they were all such good sports. =)

Everyone's favorite, pass the bottle -neck to neck.

The guys especially loved this game. Wonder why. ;) That's Linda, btw. She's due in another 2 weeks and I can't wait to meet the little guy!
Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jane & Kris, 10.27.07

Jane & Kris have got to be one of my most favorite couples and this is why. Everything didn't go according to plan for their wedding. The outdoor ceremony on the lawn had to be moved indoors because of some light rain. Then in the middle of the reception, all the electricity in the area (Mission Bay) went out! That meant people eating their meals by candlelight, no dancing, and no karaoke like they had envisioned. But throughout the whole day, they both were still beaming from ear to ear! Their attitude was basically, Who cares? We're getting MARRIED!!! I love that. So future brides, take heart- even if everything isn't perfect, just remember that the day is still about you two & the love you share, and that's plenty to be happy about!
Jane got ready in the Hyatt down the street from Marina Village where the ceremony and reception were held.


Wow- she rocks as a bride! (BTW, her dress was hand-made by her aunt.)

Kris is Japanese, so they had a Japanese theme running.

Jane's brother wore samurai outfits...

which wouldn't be complete without these awesome swords.

No little girl could be found, so they had a very cute, very shy flower boy. This was one of the most hilarious parts of the ceremony. He walked down the aisle like that the whole way!



This is what I mean when I say these two were just glowing the entire day.


There was also an 80's theme going on during the reception so tables were by 80's movies, and they had 80's music playing all evening until the power went out. (Another reason why I loved this wedding. I couldn't stop singing to all the songs during the reception!)

Ooooh, if you're a wine connoisseur, you would've definitely wanted to be at this reception. 1976 Mouton Rothschild. I won't even say how'll just make your jaw drop.

And all the lucky guests had a glass to toast with.


Here's what happens when the power goes out. Fun with lights!


They really put the sword to good use during cake cutting.

Kris searching hard for that garter...

More fun with lights before we said goodnight. Congratulations happy couple!!! Have fun living in Hawaii!