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Monday, April 23, 2007


My husband Drew and I went up to the Santa Barbara wine country region this past weekend to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Whoo hoo!

Our friends Kristen and John came along and we were so glad that they did since they've been going up there for the past 10 years and knew exactly where to take us.

We lucked out because Kristen & John are wine club members, so we got to taste from some of the best wineries up there, a few of which were featured in the movie Sideways. Sanford and Andrew Murray were holding Open Houses so not only did we get to taste the wines, but we had a great selection of food to pair with them!

I learned so much from Kristen and the winery staff this weekend about wine that my head was about to explode - or was that from all the wine?

For dinner, we headed to their favorite spot, The Hitching Post - which also happens to be the restaurant where Mya worked in the film. The steak and duck were awesome. Very flavorful, juicy, and tender. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Must go find food now.
Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Barbie and Robert

Barbie and Robert were an incredibly fun couple to photograph. We were laughing during most of the two hour session, mostly because Robert kept on saying or doing something silly for Barbie! They chose Balboa Park for their photo shoot and we roamed around a good part of the park. Poor Robert had to carry around my stepladder the whole time, but he was a good sport about it. :) Their wedding is in May and I wish them all the best.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jonelle & Victor Engagement Session

I photographed Jonelle & Victor down in the hidden canyons of Hillcrest. The weather had been gloomy for the past few days, but the sun came out just for them it seemed. Everything worked out perfectly. We had sunshine, blue skies, green grass, and most importantly - a great time!

There was so much love between the two of them that I could feel it every time I looked through the lens. I can't wait to see how it'll be when I shoot their wedding in July!

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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

This is my first blog ever and I'm excited to share pictures, news, and events with you all. I'm a San Diego based wedding and portrait photographer, but am willing to go almost anywhere because, like many of you, I've got the travel bug. My first international trip this year will be to Belize in May. I can't wait for all the adventures & photo ops over there!

Thanks for visiting my blog and remember to check back here every once in a while for new postings!