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Monday, July 30, 2007


My sister Michelle came down for a visit last week after spending a week at UCLA's leadership camp. I always love it when she comes down because we get to spend some good ol' quality time together, and I get a free model!

We first went to UCSD so she could tour the campus to see if this would be a school she'd want to attend next year after she graduates. After the tour, all I have to say is UCSD's campus rocks! There are so many interesting pieces of art strewn throughout the campus. The spaceship library looked really cool that day with the wild clouds in the sky.

We also spent some time @ La Valencia hotel in La Jolla and the grassy area nearby. It was showtime & Shell had to put on her model face. I love it!

She is so adorable! (But then again, I may be biased.)

Yippee!! She really got a lot of air there. Till next time Shellgirl! YBS
Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Breeanna & Cody, 7/7/07

Breeanna & Cody tied the knot on the luckiest day - ever! And luck was on their side that day as everything turned out perfectly. Everywhere I looked, family and friends were laughing, smiling, and embracing. There was just a positive vibe all around that, once again, reminded me of how much I love weddings.

The ceremony included a heartfelt poem (read by Breeanna's siblings) and a butterfly release in memory of their mother who passed away a few years ago.

Here's Breeanna & her dad in one of those great father/daughter moments.

And the laughter lives on...

and on.... Breeanna, Cody, and the rest of their wedding party were really all about good times. I loved it! The bridesmaids & groomsmen gave some of the most hilarious speeches I had ever heard at any wedding. The entire banquet room was just roaring from the stories they told.

An awesome live band performed for the evening & the dancers weren't too bad themselves. Dancing with the Stars, anybody?

One more anecdote before I end this. Breeanna & Cody were on this bench when she heard herself referred to as a wife for the first time. I had asked Cody to put his arms around his new wife, and her eyes just popped! It was such a hysterical sight that we all had to laugh.