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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Bay Area - AGAIN!

Yup, only after two weeks, I ventured back up to the Bay Area again to see family and friends. Only this time, Drew was able to come with me since he had a week off of work. Here are some of the highlights of our trip.

We started off the week by taking my parents up to SF, because (1) we miss our beloved city and (2) they'd never go if we didn't drive. First stop was the Ferry Building off the Embarcadero. The chocolates at Rechuitti were completely irresistible and we had to buy a box. Seriously men, you can never go wrong with fine chocolate.


We lucked out with a clear day in the city and a great view of my all-time favorite bridge. Drew & my dad hanging by the water @ Crissy Fields.


Ok, for those of you whose mouths are watering from seeing these three gigantic bowls of raw oysters, wipe off the drool before it drips down your keyboard. J/K. My dad, Drew, and I drove 6 long hours roundtrip to Hog Island Oyster Company in Pt. Reyes in order to score 100 of these precious Kumamotos and Sweetwaters. Yeah, and it was worth every minute of it.

Since Drew & I really can't get enough of the city, we went back a second time to cruise through our old hood and meet up with some friends. These next few are from the wooded area by The Legion of Honor.




One of the main reasons why we went up to the Bay Area that week was to meet a VIP, my best friend Linda's newborn baby boy, Alexander, aka The Commander. (I think they call him that b/c his dad goes by Captain Wang.)

He is so precious, and needless to say, a very CUTE baby!!!


I love, love, love baby feet!!!!!



Their first family Christmas photo. I think I'll be getting one of these in the mail later.

And just because I can, I'm throwing in a few images of my super studly kitty, Tovi.

Drew's tired of being my model when I play around with lighting at home, so Tovi serves as an excellent replacement - especially when I throw catnip into a box for him!


Hmmm, looks like he may be getting tired of modeling too.


Finally, our family Christmas card photo this year. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!