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Monday, August 23, 2010


I recently visited my grandma in Houston a couple of weekends ago. She's turning a whopping 102 this year! It's amazing to see how healthy and strong she is at this age. She no longer remembers me or a lot of other family members, but at least she knows that we're family. It's crazy to think of all the events that has happened in her life and in her lifetime.
She was born before television was invented and now we're living in a world where you can hold a computer in your hands. I let her play with my iPhone and she quickly learned how to flip through the pictures. She's so tech savvy!
Here she is checking out a photo of herself that I took on my phone two years ago.
This is the photo she was looking at:
She recognized herself, but then asked who the other two people next to her were. (Me & my mom!)

She is so adorable when she smiles.
I tried to count how many kids, grandkids, and great grandkids that she has but that task is just too daunting. There's probably more than 100 of us, so she is very much loved.


Jackie said...

Lynn these photos are very endearing. Thank you for sharing such a special person in your life! She's absolutely beautiful!


wow. just wow. seriously touched by this post. blessings to grandma!!

Gisele said...

Awww so nice to see these photos! Photographs are so powerful and moments like this are so important to capture. Your Grandma is so cute! Makes me miss mine who is in Brazil..