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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Puerto Rico. Part I: Old San Juan. {Travel Photography}

Just last week, Drew and I escaped the harsh Arizona winter (70 degrees is rough!) and flew over to the warmer Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Actually, we went to celebrate his birthday since he's never been to the Caribbean. Puerto Rico has definitely got some of the friendliest people and most beautiful beaches in all of our travels so far.

We landed in San Juan in the evening, checked in, and then headed over to Old San Juan. For the most part, I have to say this place was definitely made for tourists (especially since there's a cruise ship port right there), but the old buildings, cobblestone streets, and two historic forts made it worth checking out.

We headed into Castillo San Felipe Del Morro about half an hour before closing, so it was a quick run through this old fort built by the Spanish in 1533.

Was a little excited that we made it before closing.

Canon balls!!!!

This was outside Fort San Cristobal, still in Old San Juan.

The streets of Old San Juan at night.


Annie Gerber said...

Love these Lynn! We were there in February too...Old San Juan had some awesome colors, I love your shot of the cat chairs :)