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Monday, March 7, 2011

Puerto Rico. Part III. {Travel Photography}

On our last day on Vieques Island, we had no car, so Drew and I ended up renting one of the few scooters on the island. Riding around this small island on a scooter was one of the highlights of our trip! I love the feeling of being out on the road instead of inside a car. You get to see and feel so much more it seems.

We drove around the island and made a few stops here and there.

A must-see was this 375 year old Ceiba tree. It was a beauty!

The roots were gigantic. I was about to climb up one of the branches until I saw the HUGE thorns!

We had to take a picture next to Island Adventures. The night before (which was Drew's birthday), we went on an unforgettable tour with them out to Mosquito Bay, aka, Biobay, known for its large amount of bioluminescent dinoflagellates (kind of plankton). These tiny little things glow at night when moved. So imagine jumping in the water and swimming around in this. Every time you move your arms or legs, the water glows. Amazing! We made glow angels in the water. And when you swirl the water around in a circle, it looks like sparklers going off. When you lift your arms out of the water, little flecks of light slide down your arms. I wish I could've photographed this, but I knew the scene was way to dark for my camera to pick up anything worthwhile so I didn't even bring it on the tour.

If you go to Puerto Rico, this is definitely a MUST! And go with Island Adventures because they let you swim in the water as opposed to kayaking where you just get to dip your paddle in the water. (Unless of course, you don't want to get too wet.)

Continuing on...more incredible beaches!

This was one gorgeous sunset. I love evenings.

Our last full day in Puerto Rico (and back on the mainland), we went ziplining with Ecoquest Adventures. We've ziplined before in Costa Rica and it is by far the most amazing ziplining adventure because of the length and height of the lines. The guides from Ecoquest made our tour a lot of fun and very informative. We kayaked for a bit, hiked a little, and ziplined 5 different lines, with the last one ending at a mojito bar where we had lunch and the best mojito I've ever had. What a great way to end a vacation! =)
(All the images below were taken with my point and shoot)

Tons of iguana in the area. And I mean TONS! Drew was asking about iguana meat the whole time we were in PR, but no restaurant serves it.

I was more than excited to be going on Big Mama.

From left to right, Andre, Luigi, and Hector. These guys rocked!

If you're thinking about going away somewhere for a week, Puerto Rico is a great destination! Call the recommended guides/companies here (I'm not affiliated with them at all, just had a wonderful experience with each of them.) and start your adventure!


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You captured my homeland beautifully!

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Mississauga: LOVE your wedding photography! Absolutely beautiful and so creative in your compositions! Looking forward to seeing your blog. =)

Families Golf!: I'm so glad to hear that from a Puerto Rican. Your homeland is gorgeous!

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