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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Trash the Dress! in Palm Springs

Last Sunday, I went out to Palm Springs with Daisy and Lisa for an awesome Trash the Dress Shoot. I love this type of session because the wedding's over, the bride & groom's relaxed & used to the camera, & we can do so many fun things with the newlywed couple without the pressures of the wedding day.

There were about 30 something photographers and 11 couples out in the hot desert sun having fun & getting sweaty. We were out there from 1 to sundown. It was great, and it was tiring! Here are some of my fav's so far.


Vicki & Ryan biked out all the way from Phoenix to have some fun (ok, they drove.) Either way, I was happy that they came! I shot their wedding last October and in a few months will be living in their neck of the woods.


Dominique had so much energy from beginning to end. It was blast to work with her.



You can check out more of this hot couple here.


Sometimes a girl's gotta let her aggressions out.



A big thank you to Daisy Varley & Susie Linquist for putting so much effort into this day! Much more to come later when I get my computer back from the shop. (Thanks Matt for letting me borrow your computer for now.)


Lisa Gisczinski Photography said...

Hey! Great shots Lynn! I had a blast with you and Daisy. You guys are soooo easy to talk to. Can't wait to see you again.

susan yee said...

love that one with dominique in the brush! <3 thanks so much for organizing this, lynn! :) next time we'll get to talk some more :D

Side by Side Productions said...

those are really cool so far! it was really great meeting you, jared and i had a blast that day!

Daisy Varley said...

Love the images + I love ya Lynn!


Anne said...

These are some really cool pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Susie Linquist said...

nice work :) love the close up of Danielle and Jared!!!

Looking forward to the next one :)

Bonnie Photography said...

Lynn, thanks again to you and everyone else for making my "first" so enjoyable! Love the photos you took, you really captured everyone's movements and moments very well.

Can't wait to meet you ladies again!

brenda said...

these are gorgeous, Lynn. I would love to do something like this---it jsut looks like so much fun...

regarding your comment on my blog: that is so cool that you are getting a holga too. mine came in the mail quickly and i ordered a bunch of film too, some of which i have exposed, unfortunately i still have to take it in to get processed so i have no idea how they turned out. the only place that i can think of that would process that size film is tEmpe camera and their hours aren't very convenient for me. they only seem to be open when i am at work.....i wonder if there is anywhere else i could process them....hmmmmm

you will have fun with yours when you get it...thanks for reminding me i need to get these processed and see how they turned out